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The Ultimate Reference for "Weird Al" Yankovic's Songs
SEARCH   FOR was created to answer questions about the songs of Al Yankovic. Along these lines we have integrated information about Al's songs with much of the source material that inspired these great songs. Of course, Al is much more than a parody artist and we have noted those songs that are originals. We hope you enjoy your time here and offer some ideas for using the site.

Where possible we display lyrics from Al's material and source material. Anytime you see a song title link, just click to display the song's lyrics along with other interesting information.

Sound Samples
While we are unable to provide sound samples (due to copyright issues), we have researched to find albums that have the songs listed in our database. When you see the Amazon links, you can check out those albums and will often find sound samples on Amazon.

Search Help
Enter a list of words or phrases. We will search song titles, lyrics, and names of Artists. Separate words/phrases by commas to search for any match or use and between words/phrases to search for only those words.

Example: teen, spirit - will return any match on either word
Example: teen and spirit - will only return when both words match
Example: teen spirit - will only return if the full phrase is found
It is best to use all lower case letters. If you use mixed case, the search will be case sensitive. You may also use wild cards
	* to match any character 
	? to match a single character
	[] to enclose a list of possible characters to match

With 310 pictures in our database, we have lots of pictures to display. The pictures menu will display 12 random shots each time you visit. Click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.

When viewing picture thumbnails, you can click on the song title to go to the song page to see all pictures for that song or click on the concert date/location to view all pictures for that concert.

From the main picture gallery, you can run a slide show of the gallery contents. You can also run slide shows of individual musicians (from the musicians page), a particular song (from the song page when viewing song pictures) and for a particular concert

(note you must have javascript enabled to open up the picture viewing window or slide shows.)



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In addition to the interactive portion of the site, you may also browse static HTML pages with just song titles and lyrics for all the songs in our database.

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